JL Style approved Costume Designer and Stylist in Print, Fashion, Tv & Film.

Member of JL Style Agency since 2014

Education: TTF College (Faculty of Textile Technology), Zagreb

Member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) in sections Theater & Film and Fashion Design.





Fashion Week Zagreb 2009 – Fashion Designer
Fashion Week Zagreb 2011 – Fashion Designer


Sony Walkman Europe – Stylist
Chromos – Stylist
Labello – Stylist
Mobihel – Stylist
Spar – Stylist
Prinzhorn – Costume Designer


Jet Set (Covers) – Stylist
Story – Stylist
Insider Business – Stylist
OK – Stylist

Tv & Film:

Film “Zbog tebe” 2016 – Costume Designer
Film “Fuck Off I Love You” 2017 – Costume Designer
Film “Happy End” 2018 – Costume Designer

Music videos:

Zoran Predin (Lačni Franz) “Vaš As Na Deset” – Costume Designer
Zoran Predin (Lačni Franz) “Da Sreli Se Nismo” – Stylist
Mega Bite “Dođi Mami Mileni” – Stylist
Miki Solus “Talent Show” – Costume designer

Stage & Theater:

Contemporary dance performance “Igra” – Costume designer
Opera “Così Fan Tutte” – Costume Designer
Psihomodo Pop concerts – Costume Designer